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The New Normal Season 1 Episode 1 "The New Normal" will premiere on Channel 12 in Tempe later this month, and now fans are being given a glimpse at the cast of the series. On Tuesday, September 4, Spoiler TV shared the cast photos released for the series. Check out the photos here.

This series is the latest from the mastermind behind "Glee" on Fox and "American Horror Story" on FX, Ryan Murphy. The New Normal Season 1 Episode 1 The series will follow two gay men that choose to add a baby to their lives with the use of a surrogate. This series is already causing controversy though. One Utah affiliate wouldn't even air the series. It has been picked up by another in that area. One Million Moms is leading the charge against this series, and one of the cast on this new series, Ellen Barkin, has reached out to the organization. She received no reply.

The New Normal Season 1 Episode 1 "Why is a show like ‘The New Normal,’ about a very loving, committed, same-sex couple wanting to raise a child explicit and offensive, and rape, murder, child slavery, in very graphic detail, is not – with very graphic language. They let your children watch a TV show where they use words like anal tearing and vaginal tearing and child slavery… but watching two men kiss each other and cry because they’ve decided to raise a child together… I don’t get it."

Leo Tolstoy didn't write for television, The New Normal Season 1 Episode 1 but if he did, he probably could have predicted that NBC's "The New Normal," a show from "Glee" producer Ryan Murphy that's about two guys paying a woman $35,000 to have their baby, might run into a few problems with the Salt Lake City station that already refuses to carry "Saturday Night Live."

It probably didn't help that one of the guys who wants to be a dad is played by Andrew Rannells, who starred on Broadway in "The Book of Mormon."

The New Normal Season 1 Episode 1 But although NBC's Salt Lake affiliate - which also refused last season to air "The Playboy Club," so, hey, maybe it's not just an antigay thing - is passing on Murphy's sitcom, another station reportedly is going to show "The New Normal" on Saturdays. Right before "SNL."

Which kind of takes a little of the fun out of it.

Because if you're not watching to make a statement about how viewers everywhere should be able to see uplifting shows about nontraditional families who are as good, The New Normal Season 1 Episode 1 if not better, than those TV families with single dads and conveniently dead moms that some of us grew up with, then you're going to want it to be funny.

The New Normal Season 1 Episode 1 And funny is something I'm still looking to find a little more of in "The New Normal," whose pilot gets a special preview Monday after "The Voice" (along with a repeat airing of the pilot of Matthew Perry's new sitcom, "Go On") before moving to 9:30 Tuesdays the following night.

Pilots can be tricky and this one tries so hard to set up its premise that at times it ends up feeling more like a PSA than a comedy, which can be annoying if you're already on board with same-sex marriage and gay parenting.

And quite likely infuriating if you're not.

Sometimes I wish they could start a show like this in the middle, The New Normal Season 1 Episode 1 leaving the long explanations of how everyone got together - and the gratuitous Gwyneth Paltrow cameo - to the third season flashback episode, but that's not the way TV works.

The New Normal Season 1 Episode 1 Instead we begin with Bryan Collins (Rannells) making a video in which he tells his future child how "in a faraway land called Ohio . . . four very different people, against all odds, ended up becoming a family."

If only the title "How I Met Your Mother" weren't taken.

Bryan's the kind of guy who'd like to look like Mary Tyler Moore (in her Laura Petrie phase) and who swoons over babies in strollers, while his football-loving partner, David (Justin Bartha, "The Hangover Part II"), isn't so sure at first that they're ready to bring their own human being into the world.

Bryan and David live in Los Angeles, a world away from Ohio, where their future baby's future mother, Goldie (Georgia King) is in the process of making the kind of discovery that's lately become the No. 1 reason women in sitcoms become available again.


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